Just4Us SMS Alert :: Bulk SMS Services

Just4U providing you SMS Alert for your portal and your bussiness application

Add attractive next generation SMS functionalities to your business and portal applications. With Just4U SMS solutions will be set up easily and without setup costs. With Just4U SMS solutions you will be able to send SMS within minutes after opening your account. We provide ready to go software a wide set of sample applications and free source code.

Business cases

SMS Alert quality

  • SMS gateway for your business software and web portals
  • Added value for your CRM-solutions
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • Company internal communication tool
  • Information channel for your clients and partners
  • SMS news distributions
  • Real time SMS-alerts and notifications
  • Re-selling business opportunities
  • Realtime delivery notification for each SMS
  • Fast delivery within seconds
  • High throughput
  • Professional support
  • 100000 clients proofed

Just4U SMS Features

Price facts

  • Bulk SMS functionality.
  • Personalized bulk SMS deliveries.
  • SMS delivery notification based on transaction numbers.
  • Operator logos import conversion and sending of bmp files in realtime.
  • Ringtones: import conversion and sending in realtime.
  • Binary SMS: your key to next generation mobile features.
  • Define the originator of each sent SMS.
  • We offer the most extensive SMS roaming.
  • Administer your ASPSMS balance and general user settings
    within the password-protected administration area.
  • No setup costs
  • No license costs
  • No monthly costs
  • You just pay a small fee per SMS

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